Joanna Krupa, Kylie Jenner And Ariel Winter Slutty For Halloween Party

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Ahh, the Halloween parties… The excuse for girls to dress up like whores and not be condemned. I like the Halloween, because like I said a moment ago, the bitches are everywhere. Bitches like Joanna Krupa, Kylie Jenner, Ariel Winter and others celebrities in slutty costumes or half naked. Beautiful!

Joanna Krupa was first dressed like a lovely pink butterfly, but only on the bottom, because her tits were body painted as you’ll see on pics bellow. On the second party, she was a sexy dominatrix in a see through bodysuit, but with pasties over her nipples.

On the other side, Kylie Jenner was acting like Christina Aguilera from her hit song Dirty video. She also put on display her camel toe pussy. NICE!

And what to say about Ariel Winter, the Modern Family star that everyone love and drool on her, I don’t see why, but everyone has different taste. So, Ariel on the first party wore Playboy bunny costume, although she couldn’t be a playboy girl not even for a million years, but she likes to be like a whore. And for the second party the costume was, can you guess??? Yes, you can, the skeleton nurse, but the one which is a whore.

So, all comes down to that every celebrity wants to be a slut, and the Halloween is the perfect excuse for them to be one.

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